Strategic Staffing Services


CanDoTech Services, Inc.’s Strategic Staffing Services provide a rapid response to onboarding critical skills and experiences for your initiatives.  Embedded with your teams or operating from a CanDoTech Services, Inc. Solution Center, our consultants bring a depth of technical knowledge and business context, help solve problems, and drive project success. 

Our offerings include:

  • Staffing individual contract position requirements
  • Bundled staffing services
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services

Benefits of Strategic Staffing Process

CCI has a well-designed staffing strategy will help to improve an company’s ability to:

  • · Recruit, develop, and deploy the talent required to meet future demands.
  • · Adjust overall staffing to meet changing business issues.
  • · Improve staff utilization.
  • · Retrain or redeploy employees as organizational needs change.
  • · Address critical human resource issues in an organized and integrated way.
  • · Define future staffing requirements to assist employees in identifying career preferences and focusing development efforts.
  • · Enhance more efficient use of HR resources (i.e., trainers, recruiters, diversity staff, and others involved in staffing activities).
  • · Achieve a diverse workforce.
  • · Achieve workers’ compensation/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • · Identify and utilize appropriate external resources (i.e., consultants, shared services, partnerships, etc.)

CanDoTech Method of Excellent Quality control
To measure staffing quality all applicants are pre-screened for:

  • · Subject matter expertise
  • · Interdisciplinary knowledge
  • · Team work and collaborative environment knowledge

CanDoTech Method of Operational Reliance
All applicants are screened for:

  • · More than one subject matter
  • · Ability to work independently
  • · Ability to speak up when they see or foresee a mistake
  • · Ability to take initiative

CanDoTech Method of Security Protocols
All applicants are screen for:

  • · Employment reference and background check
  • · Criminal background check
  • · Credit check
  • · Drug testing